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G. Allen Battle, founder of iDESERVE, Inc, and director of the vocal group, Family Worship, is a disruptor of complacency and a deliverer of peace. Born to young entrepreneurs, he's always understood the importance of hard work. In the winter of 2012, the revelation of what it means to be worthy and deserving of good was given to him. After several re-writes and a few dozen title changes, the book is complete (set for release FALL 2018, stay tuned). His attention to detail is uncanny (which can be both a pain and a pleasure for those close to him). He doesn't profess to have it all together; but he is happy to receive the perfect work of Love in him. Mr. Battle is obviously favored by God; there's really no other explanation for the success of his endeavors. He has a heart to see everyone be their most authentic selves.

"I desire to inspire...... Happiness, thoughtfulness, wonder and confidence".  - G. Allen

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