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G.O. Live's Music Library has benefits for both the Buyer and the Seller of music.

For the Buyer G.O. Live gives you not only music, it also gives you music-related materials.The collection currently includes digitized music videos and audio recordings. Use of such materials for media production can be utilized by Event Organizers, Apps, Games, Filmmakers, Commercial Marketing, Greeting Cards, Meditational Therapists and the list expands. The stock portfolio will soon include stock art and photos. G.O. Live offers simple licensing as weapons as long term royalties for artists and owners. Pick your choice of music and checkout online or get a free custom playlist tailored to your project. We offer Global insurance that protects every license transaction.

For the Seller you can get paid for your musical creations and performance videos. When you subscribe to G.O. Live's Music Library as an artist you will have access to our team of account managers. The G.O. Live account managers will upload your music to the Music Library and market your musical creations for licensing. G.O. Live's goal is to have your musical creation licensed into Film, TV, Advertising, Apps, Games and other forms of media. G.O. Live's stock portfolio is in the works and will give you the ability to sell your artwork and photos. 

To obtain a license for your project or to have your music licensed on our platform email us at or call 256-677-9414

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Need Help Finding Music To License?

Our  music experts are here to help make buying music licenses easy, productive and beneficial.


"That I may publish with the voice of thanksgiving, and tell of all thy wondrous works." Psalms 26:7

To the singer songwriter and composer: At God's Opportunities Entertainment and Publishing Inc, we tell of the wonders of your gifts, talents, and works. Providing a platform to make your work known throughout the world.

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