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Incorporate Today and spare yourself Tomorrow's heartache!!!

Updated: May 6, 2019

    So often creators fail to prepare a plan for protecting themselves and the assets that they intend to accumulate.  Being a creative being myself, I appreciate the unadulterated focus that artist tend to their projects. The issue is that after the project is started, there are several vulnerable points that leave the project exposed to theft and plagiarism.  Seek talent and management firms that assist the singer, songwriter, musician, lyricist and the likes with incorporating or establishing a limited liability. In addition to offering incorporating services, some agencies also set up production music libraries for their artist to sell the licensing to their project; thus, generating a constant stream of cash flow. When it comes to representation, be informed and not influenced. Go with a full service agencies such as,  Selah Productions and designs or even for more information email or Contact God's Opportunities or 1-256-812-3118 ask for Benita.

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